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How To Write Social Media Post

How to write Social Media Posts that Get Shared

How to write Social Media Posts

Social media posts and content marketing go hand-in-hand.   A lot of your social media efforts will likely boil down to creating social media posts,  blog posts and sharing those with your audience.  However, in order for your content to get read and shared.  You need to ensure you are approaching it in the right way and you have the right idea about what works on Facebook and Twitter and what doesn’t.
And by ‘working’,  you are creating content that will get shared and that will get read.

Let’s take a look at how you go about doing this:

The Importance of Uniqueness

Companies that have no clue about social media will create content that is derivative and dull. How many times have you seen articles on ‘How to Get Abs’? Or on ‘How to Pick Up Women’? These are things that everyone wants to achieve.  But the articles are written in a way that is highly generic and doesn’t seem to offer anything new.

On the other hand, you have those ‘clickbait’ articles that go the other way. They are either incredibly hyperbolic, or they create some kind of a mystery so that people will be tempted to click. They might be ‘The One Amazing Trick That Will Give You INCREDIBLE Abs Overnight’ or ‘You’ll Never Believe the One Herb That Men Are Using to Get Women Into Bed!’. These titles work because they grab attention and offer something completely new… but rarely does the actual content deliver on its promise.

Instead then, try to use the same strategy while actually offering something good. How about: ‘How Cardio Acceleration Burns 73% More Fat’ or ‘How Expert Pick Up Artists Apply Cognitive Behavioral Therapy To Amazing Effect‘. These articles include technical sounding terms that people haven’t heard of and that suggests something new – thus making them likely to click. At the same time though, these are actual meaty subjects that you can write about and deliver on your promise with.

Your Reader ‘Persona’

At the same time, always have in mind your ‘reader persona’ the type of person your content is aimed at. If you get this right.  There is a certain section of your audience the content is perfect. This makes them more likely to share as a way to express themselves.  Because your content reflects their personality.  Their friends are more likely to share it with them, knowing they’re like it.

Remember at its core, social media is a communication tool. If your content facilitates communication and expression, then it will succeed!

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