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Business Building vs. Opportunity Chasing

Business Builder

A business builder envisions what they want their business to become. The vision becomes a plan based on analysis of personal, competitive strengths,  weakness, the marketplace, and strategies of ways and means to materialize the vision.

Opportunity chasing is an invitation to underachieve.   Time is spent looking and trying out the best deal on the hottest trend.  Instead of building a business with strategy. Focused on product line congruent with personal values, business growth, and the customer base that drives it.   All these characteristics may be present in any opportunity, analysis of how your time and money converts to Return On Investment (ROI) may not be clear.

With no other test.  Whether or not it can make some money as soon as possible.   Opportunists chase the elusive get rich quick easy promotions. Although sales and network matrix building are important business assets, what opportunists tend to overlook are basic long-term strategic plans.

Chasing Opportunities

Instead of chasing opportunities, business builders tend to analyze and develop them. Business building whether on or off the internet business builders tends to analyze and develop them.

In theory, ROI compels many opportunity seekers to do the same thing as everyone else. In practice, they end up trying to do it longer, faster and smarter than everyone else with a net result of diminishing returns or lower ROI and their expectations shattered by apparent underachievement.

Business builders outsource instead of out-task to quite simply continue to add value to their time instead of having it fixed or decreased by matrix limits. The measurable difference between outsourcing and out-tasking is whether your time produces an increase or decrease of your return on investment. The site teaches business building by involving participants as co-authors in e-book projects.

In theory, ROI should produce a win-win outcome. Unfortunately, in practice, it differs more often for opportunity chasers than business builders. Opportunity choosing and business building are both important activities.  One without the other is like a car without gas, a nice ride but doesn’t go very far.

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