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10 Quick SEO Tip

10 Quick SEO Tips For WordPress Blog Marketing

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Creating an SEO ready WordPress site is simple if you know how to do it correctly. Using these steps can help you create a great SEO site in no time.  WordPress is one of the most powerful marketing tools that are available on the internet today. It can be used to create a blog for your internet business or your very own website to promote your product. What is really great about WordPress is that you can create either of these in a matter of minutes even if you do not know much HTML. The key to a successful WordPress blog or website is the SEO Capability. Here are a few tips that you can use on your WordPress Marketing blog or website to make it SEO capable.

10 Quick SEO Tips For WordPress Blog Marketing

  1. Permalinks:

You need to use permalinks on your WordPress site.  By default, your WordPress software contains web URL’s which contain question marks and numbers inside of them. These links are hard for the search engine web crawlers to attach themselves to. As a result, your site will not be indexed as fast as it would normally be.  WordPress also, however, does offer you the opportunity to create custom URLs for both your permalinks and archives.  You will be able to find this option under your Administration panel.  All you will have to do is to choose the options panel then click on permalinks.

  1. Titles:

In the permalinks section of your WordPress marketing software, you have the option of date and name based.  This option will place the year, month, date, and post title in your URL.  For the SEO web crawlers, it is best to have the site of your site appear in the front of this URL.  So instead of using the basic URL you should choose the custom URL and create a link that has your site name appearing first.

  1. Tags:

Tags are a great addition to your site from an SEO standpoint. They will enable the search engines web crawlers’ crawl through your site more easily and it will allow you to create specific pages for your tags and keywords. You can also install the Ultimate Tag Warrior for your WordPress.

  1. Page Titles:

You will need to make sure you have good titles on all of your web pages.  Just as you put the site name at the beginning of your URL you will need to do the same thing with your page title.

  1. Post Titles:

The post titles that you choose should be clearly written.  Do not stuff these titles with keywords that you are using to target your site or blog. Choose your keywords carefully when you are posting most of all get those words in your post title.

  1. Autolinks:

In addition, you will also need to cross link to your own posts and pages in your content. You do this by linking keywords to your relevant posts.

  1. Relevant Posts:

Be sure to post links to related posts under all your postings. This will help the web crawlers that are crawling through your site and indexing all of your posts.

  1. Ping Services:

Each time you post or edit either a posting or a page your WordPress blog can notify a variety of different sites that you have updated your blog.  It is very important that you use this step.

  1. Google Sitemaps:

Google has a tool for you called Google Sitemaps, and this tool will help you index your site tells Google which pages are the most important.

  1. Categories:

Categories will help you organize your content. If you have your permalinks turned on, the category names will appear in your URL. This is why it is very important that you name your category names very carefully. Try and make sure that you use keywords to name your categories and do not be afraid to make loads of them. WordPress gives you the ability to use subcategories and sub-subcategories. Make as many categories you can. This way you are able to keep your focus on certain keyword phrases.

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